Must try Google Play Android games 2020!

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Android gamers can finally step into the fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls. Just don't expect Skyrim for smartphones, but your very own kind of game. So that does not mean an open world and big story, but many areas to discover and battles to win. The game also looks beautiful.


Photographs uniquely tell different stories through photos and puzzles. The game comes from the maker of 1000000, and You Must Build a Boat, who clearly wanted to slow down after those fast games. That works very well.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a hilarious game in which you have to control a wobbly person while overcoming all kinds of obstacles. You can grab everything in the environment, but of course, that often goes wrong. The game is fun enough to get up every time and try again.


OXXO is a very nice puzzle game in which you have to connect all X's, O's, and other figures with each other by sliding and rotating blocks. It's a pleasant style and interesting brain teasers that make the game deserve a place on this list.


Bart Bonte's puzzle games are a pleasure to play every time, and that is no different from blue. Like the previous games, your goal is to solve every screen by tapping, rubbing, and more. Downloading this game is no problem at all.

Dream Daddy

There is no shortage of dating games in the Play Store, but there are few games with such a big heart as Dream Daddy. The game revolves around a father dating other fathers, where the characters surprise you every time. But secretly it is really about fatherhood and the difficulties that go with it. This makes Dream Daddy one of the most beautiful games of the year.

Black Desert Mobile

At the end of the year, Black Desert Mobile is still a very welcome surprise. This extremely extensive MMO successfully makes the switch to smartphones by giving players the choice of how much control they want. The game looks beautiful, with many possibilities to create your own character. At the time of writing, there are only five different professions (such as witch and archer) to choose from, but if all goes well, more will be added later.

Mario Kart Tour

Like The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Mario Kart Tour may not be what fans of the hit game series had hoped for. If you put that aside, there is a lot of fun to get out of this game for a long time. Nintendo is constantly adding new races, with new versions of familiar characters and new tracks. Do you manage to drift over the finish line every time?


KIDS is a striking game on this list because with fifteen minutes, you can get through it. Still, the makers know and do a lot in those fifteen minutes. KIDS is more of an art project than a game, looking in a unique way at how crowds behave and how peer pressure works. Jump into the black hole and be amazed by KIDS.

Thumper: Pocket edition

No game makes speed and agility feel as cool as Thumper. As a space beetle, you race across a track, responding to turns, jumps, and hazards at the right times. The tempo is accelerated at lightning speed, while the visual style and soundtrack completely suck you into the experience. When you play Thumper, the world disappears completely. Only you, the lightning-fast space beetle, are left with the goal of that scary boss at the end of this level.


What can you achieve in life within a minute? A lot, the game Minit teaches us. After sixty seconds, you die, but within that time, you know how to get somewhere different every time. Until you bring about lasting changes and get even further. This concept has been developed in such a nice way that Minit is absolutely a must-play. A deserved place as one of the coolest Android games of the year.

Stardew Valley

All that action, speed, and time in the aforementioned games create a lot of tension. Sometimes you just want to take a step back. Press the brake to enjoy nature. In Stardew Valley, take over your grandfather's dilapidated farm and start a social life with the nearby village. That is a lot more fun than it sounds because Stardew Valley is such a game that you will play "for a while," after which it will be hours later. Those carrots don't harvest themselves!

Call of Duty: Mobile

When we first heard about Call of Duty: Mobile, our expectations were low. Another publisher that brings a successful game brand to smartphones for easy money. But we were utterly wrong. Call of Duty: Mobile is the best shooter that has ever appeared for smartphones.

This is due to a combination of beautiful controls, a nice play mode for short games and an excellent battle royale mode for when you have more time. Altogether, that is a very nice game in which winning feels good.

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